The Panorama Project

Mission Statement

By providing a space for thoughtful engagement across political divides, we seek to nurture a political discourse where peace, understood as the capacity to navigate disagreements through goodwill dialogue, can become a regular practice.

About Our Work

The Panorama Project is a group of individuals with a shared concern about the entrenched political divisions in American politics. Funded by Davis Projects for Peace, the Panorama Project offers open-minded students from across the U.S. an opportunity to understand experiences and opinions that are different from their own by collaborating on works of journalism and research projects centering on an issue in U.S. politics. In teams of two to four, contributors researched and coauthored work on subjects of their own choosing. The authors drew from their own experiences, interviews, academic sources, news articles, works of art, and historical resources. The project took place remotely during the summer of 2021. Over 20 projects were completed as a part of the Panorama Project.